Don't kid yourself. For the first time in windsurfing history a properly designed and tested board has been developed for young sailors. Francois Pacou and Marc Collas have produced a platform on which a sailor with 15-40 kg weight can easily excel from the first time onboard until fully planing and shredding jibes. Starboard designers have further refined the rocker line to deliver remarkable speed levels.

Being the world's shortest board at 217cm, the Kiddy provides a scaled, compact feel. The width of 75cm ensures confident stability and super early planing. The ultra thin rails maintain control with even the lightest sailor on board. With a flat tail and mid rocker the board accelerates in light and medium winds, whilst the lifted front section lets it ride free above chop.

Kiddy board set up: For beginners we recommended to use the rounded safety fin in the middle and the freeride fin tin the tail to maintain upwind capability. At this stage it is also optimal to use the inside strap positions. Once the wind is up and the sailor is ready to get planning, use the freeride fin aft, close the middle fin position with a fin base insert and adjust the straps to the outside strap positions. The more time spent on the board the further out and back the straps can be moved. The BIG surprise is that the short kiddy board is a an extremely fast and fun machine , similar in outline to the Hyper Sonic. Our advise is to never let a grown-up try it , because they will probably never give it back`.


Volume 88 litres
Length 217 cm
Width 75.5 cm
One foot off 54.6 cm
Weight D-Ram 8.0 kg =/- 5%
Fin Free 40 + Start Convertible
Finbox Tuttle box
Sail size 1.0 - 5.0 m2

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