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Our dedicated team of Acid riders is growing; they find our stock standard wave boards to be the best there is and use them regularly in open PWA competitions. This is remarkable in itself and guarantees that the same boards our team is winning on are REALLY available to sailors world wide.

No wonder that Starboard clearly ranked at the top of US Windsurfing magazine's 2002 Maui wave board test when it came to pro testers overall impressions. Acid riders like Scott McKercher and new sensation Ty Bodycoat were both tied for first place in 2002 PWA wave events. Legends like Rush Randle, 14 year old Maui youngster Nick Warmuth and Australian wave slayer Luke Walmsley prove that this is the acid of a smarter generation.

For 2003, we launch the Acid 62, probably the most hard core production wave board ever released. We further upgrade the 6 board line with custom made fins and a new W-shaped PVC sandwich construction that will keep Starboard the strongest wave tool on the scene. Starboard's unique AIM (Audited In Mould) lay-up system ensures our boards are produced to the most accurate construction standards available.

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